Top 10 MothersRest blog posts for 2017

Hey, y’all, thanks for being in my life and for joining the MothersRest TRIBE. Together, we’ve made it another year in this parenting journey, and MothersRest just hit the 2-year blogging anniversary!


Top 10 blog posts for 2017 for MothersRest.com - including which posts went viral and how Pinterest drives readership

Here are some highlights from 2017

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Top 10 most-read posts:
Hey pretty girl, beware the boogie man. Human trafficking is real. (THIS POST WENT VIRAL, with over 41,000 readers!! Congrats to guest blogger, Sharon!)

The 10 penis rules for boys (THIS POST WENT VIRAL, with 11,000 readers!!)

Please don’t feed my kids crap at school (where I get a little political…because our kids are worth it.)

Miracle baby turned TWO (my struggle with infertility)

How to survive 6 hours in the car with a baby (hint: wear an adult diaper like that astronaut lady)

Why you need the flu shot – especially if you’re pregnant (thanks for helping to get the word out about this important health issue)

How to rock daylight saving time – the fall edition (look for the spring edition in a couple weeks!)

How to escape swim diaper hell (hint: it’s all about layering and lots of prayer)

That time I married the same guy TWICE (no, I didn’t write this one – congrats to guest blogger, Sarah!)

How to manipulate your kid to do the right thing (check out this post for my review of a great parenting book: Dr. Becky Bailey’s book, Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline)


Here’s how the tribe is growing on social media

Facebook: 260 members and climbing! (That’s more than double the 2016 stats – thanks to master blogger Brittany Ann’s Strategies Worth Sharing eBook.)

Pinterest: Um, I went a little crazy this year, growing from two boards for the blog in 2016 to more than 10 boards! I started using BoardBooster to schedule pins. And began posting on lots of group boards, where you can check out tips from other mom bloggers. The hard work has paid off, with monthly impressions of MothersRest pins growing from 6,000 to over 85,000! (Thanks to advice from Christina Root and her FREE eCourse, Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101. Yes, she teaches you how to make a little mullah, too.)

Instagram: 177 followers and counting

Twitter: 79 followers and growing

Other fun facts

— number of guest bloggers: 11 fabulous women, bringing you new perspectives on life, sleep and parenting via these 14 different posts
— number of hours spent on the blog: 8 per week
— number of posts: 52, one per week
— number of posts picked up by other media oultets: 7, and you can read these posts on my Pinterest Press Coverage board
— number of books and resources we’ve explored: TONS, with 12 books highlighted on the MothersRest Resources page and featured in 18 different blog posts
— unique visitors to MothersRest: 24,000+ (monthly average) – up from 5,000 in 2016. With 23% of you returning regularly to read more #love
— plus, most visitors are from the US, but ladies also live in the Philippines, New Zealand, Brazil, and Armenia BECAUSE MOTHERHOOD IS UNIVERSAL


Check out the stats from 2016 in this blog post. And if you want to start your own blog, here are my tips for how to start one without going crazy (because you have more important things to do – like be a mom.)


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