Nap time died its horrible death

Any of you mommas crying big alligator tears right now because little cuteness just gave up nap time? It’s definitely a game changer. I mean, what happened to our mid-day break? Now instead of sitting...

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Marriage sucks after kids?

Research shows marriages suffer after having kids. Awesome! Actually I didn’t need “research” to tell me this. For every married person I know, I know one other divorced person. Growing up, I don’t remember seeing...

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8pm is “just say no” time

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions. I also didn’t grow up giving up stuff for Lent (because in the 80s, Baptists didn’t know what it was.) To compensate, I randomly set rules for myself....

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The go no-go church plan

Christmas is my MOST FAVORITE time to go to church. There are CAROLS and LIGHTS and STARS and ANGELS and CHILDREN SINGING and…I could go on. One year I felt particularly removed from God. Then...

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Spreading cheer in the NICU

I’m Jaclyn. And I’m a HELLP syndrome survivor. Never heard of HELLP syndrome? Neither had I. Until I was diagnosed with it in an emergency room in Fort Myers, FL. While on vacation. (There’s probably...

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Easy, breezy Christmas decorating

Got the tree trimmed? Stockings hung? Wreath on the front door? Wait, no? Not yet? Well, if you haven’t decorated for Christmas yet, perhaps one of the following applies: 1. You don’t do Christmas. 2....

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Dear Electoral College

Dear sirs and ma’ams, I beseech you to go rogue on December 19 and vote for the children. On November 8, the American people voted Hillary in (by almost 3 million votes!) The Electoral College...

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Step it up, Chick-fil-A

As a middle class, hetero lady, Chick-fil-A is my jam. Sometimes I even go there by myself to indulge in a milkshake and some tunes on K-LOVE. Because the #RockStarDad in my life thinks the...

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The Penis Chronicles

Let’s talk about the P word. No, not the one in the news lately. The one attached to my little boy. That’s right. Let’s talk about the penis. First, let me say that I always...

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The 3-day potty boot camp

Are you ready to take the plunge? To lock yourself away for THREE DAYS with a toddler? Other than maybe losing your mind, this is totally worth your time. Pee-pee nirvana is within reach. In...

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