Doesn’t everyone like donuts with butter?

Are you a sugar-hound? Or a coffee-craver?

I’m all about some sugar, y’all.

#RockStarDad is forever commenting on the amount of junk my family consumes for breakfast. Growing up, this meant donuts, banana bread, chocolate chip pound cake, toast with nutella, cinnamon toast crunch, and coffee cake. One thing we did not consume was actual coffee.


His family, on the other hand, eats nothing but coffee. His grandmother even doled out the java juice to the dog every morning. Um….

Hey, either way you slice it (or pour it), it’s all about how to jump start your day, right? My family uses sugar to jolt us out of bed. And hubby’s fam uses the caffeine elixir of the gods.

But we’re here to talk about donuts. With butter. Because I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my recent post on my joy of donuts. Like, is this really a thing?

Yes, indeed!

I’m super excited to share this family tradition with you. Here’s all you need to know to make the magic happen.

Donuts with Butter


1 donut (typically a day or two old, typically glazed) per person
1 teaspoon* of butter per donut

*Feel free to add more, I won’t judge you.


1. Put donut on microwave safe plate.
2. Cut butter into small pieces and place/spread delicately on top of donut.
3. Place donut in microwave** and cook for approximately 10-12 seconds.
4. If necessary, allow donut to cool slightly.
5. Enjoy!

**The toaster oven is a great alternative if you like your donuts a little on the flakey side. (To quote my sister, “Donuts, muffins, coffee cake – the only reasons a toaster oven is a necessity.”)

Donuts with butter: definitely worth the try. Unless you only eat coffee for breakfast.

And hey, don’t take my word for it. This text from my SIL pretty much sums it up:

I FaceTimed you last night to show how you and your brother are more alike than you both know. He had made chocolate muffins and was adding butter to them. He asked what you add butter to and I told him donuts and he said, “Doesn’t everyone?”

Let me know if you gave this a go. And also what fun food traditions your family has. Share your comments below or on Facebook at MothersRest.

P.S. Here’s a link to a healthy donut recipe if you want to make your own. (And then add melted butter on top for extra calories love!)

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