Sleep when the baby sleeps

Ah, the old “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice. Who does that?


Can you find 10 minutes in your day when sweetness is snoozing to catch up on some zzzzz’s? Can you commit to dropping everything to hit the hay? I know, better said than done, right?

Because: laundry. Or you haven’t actually eaten anything today and you’ve learned that you can eat an entire 3-course meal in 10 minutes while babe is occupied in her crib.

But: SLEEP! It’s heavenly and oh, so rare these days. Put it on the “things I can do in 10 minutes” list. You can thank me later.

According sleep experts, all you need to feel refreshed is a 10-minute nap. That sounds doable.

Just think of all the 10-minute naps you can have between nursing sessions. Especially if little cuteness falls asleep in your arms in a milk coma (the most precious thing ever.) You can even add this “nap time” to your night time routine – and head to bed 10 minutes earlier.

Think of sleep as your inoculation against the fog of Mommy Brain or raging, grouchy Mommy Dearest. Or, as another mom put it, without the solace of sleep, society is tormenting new moms.

She sums it up well:

“We are torturing new mothers and then wondering why they get mentally ill.”

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  1. You are such a natural at this blogging thing! Plus, great advice. Truly, where have you been all my life??

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