Let me see your power pose, girl

Here’s your recipe for success in the hetero, white man’s world. Change your name to “John” (if you wanna be CEO) and CONFORM. Oh, and wear makeup. (Something I haven’t done in 10 years.) Because...

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What’s your morning like, momma?

6:15am. 2-year-old wakes up to pee. Hooray, he’s already night-trained! (Don’t ask me for tips. I have no idea why this happened.) 6:30. Almost-4-year-old wakes up. #RockStarDad feeds boys: oatmeal, bananas, cheese, and chocolate milk...

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Working mother hacks

So you had a fabulous maternity leave. Because you followed my advice and created a maternity leave manifesto. Well, sleep deprivation may just win the battle when you return to work. All those amazing naps...

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