Nap time died its horrible death

Any of you mommas crying big alligator tears right now because little cuteness just gave up nap time? It’s definitely a game changer. I mean, what happened to our mid-day break? Now instead of sitting...

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Miracle baby turned TWO

How is it possible that this sweet little guy is TWO already?! To celebrate, he enjoyed popsicles at daycare, toy airplanes with daddy, and birthday brownies at the lake with Mimi and Poppa. I actually...

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Your soul wants a giant joy-hug

Life is busy, amiright? Life is chaotic – understatement, huh? Ain’t no one got time to think about fancy words, like, balance and yearning and vision. But your soul will thank you if you do....

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Why a potty mouth does you good

Whenever I drop “holy shit!” during normal conversation, my husband laughs at me. He says he’ll do the same thing if I start speaking jive or suddenly morph into a discussion on the relativity of...

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The one-week happy challenge

What keeps you up at night? Other than your teething baby or the neighbor’s cat? Like, what’s the soundtrack in your head that will not stop? Bills? Your Mother-In-Law? That first-world crisis where you can’t...

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The one-week sleep challenge

“Tired? Go to bed. That’s the place for you.” My husband likes to toss this my way when I yawn and say, “Damn, I’m sleepy.” This irks me, because I have lots to do. Going...

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Hello there, dear reader. Are you tired? Are you juggling 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a partner/spouse/baby daddy, plus maybe a job? (Stay-at-Home-Mom is totally a job.) Oh, and occasionally you’d like to...

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