Sleep training for yo mommas

Sleep training, huh? You must have children under 2, right? Uh no, not in this story. Ok, then you must have one of those restless tweens with horror-mones raging? Nope, not that either. This sleep...

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How to be a Rock Star Dad

Alternate title for this post: How to get your baby momma to have more sex with you. (Unless she just had the baby. In which case, you should leave her alone for the next 6-8...

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Sleep when the baby sleeps

Ah, the old “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice. Who does that? Can you find 10 minutes in your day when sweetness is snoozing to catch up on some zzzzz’s? Can you commit to dropping...

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Then we confiscated the lamp

We’re potty training little brother right now. Which entails saying things like, “You’re a big boy now!” This is met with wails of protest from the bigger boy in the house. Who likes to remind...

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Miracle baby turned TWO

How is it possible that this sweet little guy is TWO already?! To celebrate, he enjoyed popsicles at daycare, toy airplanes with daddy, and birthday brownies at the lake with Mimi and Poppa. I actually...

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It’s 6pm: nite-nite, baby

How do I remember those first couple months as a new mom? “Fondly” may not be the first word that comes to mind. New baby snuggles: a-mazing. Lack of sleep: awe-inspiring. (As you can see...

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When momma turns into the wicked witch

I recently got my first negative comment. (I’m officially a blogger!) Apparently, my ex-reader thinks the phrase, wicked witch, is offensive. Hm, never read a fairy tale? Never watched a Disney movie? Never turned into...

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Why a potty mouth does you good

Whenever I drop “holy shit!” during normal conversation, my husband laughs at me. He says he’ll do the same thing if I start speaking jive or suddenly morph into a discussion on the relativity of...

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