Why you can and SHOULD take a kid-free vacay

The last kid-free vacation my husband and I had was just about six years ago. Seriously, we didn’t even really take a honeymoon (read: young and poor). And since our kiddos were born, we’ve never spent more than a night away from them. Partly because I’m a control freak who is mildly obsessed with routine, but mostly because my children are mildly obsessed with being suction-cupped to me 24/7.


However, when the opportunity to take a 4-day, kid-free vacation at an all-inclusive resort literally fell into our laps, we couldn’t pass it up. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited. Mega-excited. But, I was equally as excited as I was TERRIFIED to leave my little minis while we went gallivanting around without a care in the world.

I’ll spare you the details (that’s what Facebook & Instagram are for) and fast forward: everything was beautiful, everyone survived, and in the process I learned a lot about myself, about my relationship and about mom guilt.


I’m excited to introduce Jess, who runs the blog, Playdates & Prosecco. Click here to READ 5 TIPS FOR KID-FREE VACAY SUCCESS.

About the guest blogger:
Jess is a lover of fresh air, coffee and wine (equally, not together), fitness, and trying to live a more natural, minimalist lifestyle with two little ones at home. You can find more great parenting tips at her blog at Playdates & Prosecco.

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Getting lots of love on Facebook for this post. Here are my favorite tips that other mommas shared.

Definitely do a kid-free vacation! We always try to go somewhere that we know there will be not a lot or no kids! We try to do one trip for just the two of us every year (sometimes it’s only a two-day trip, others it’s a week!) and then 1-2 family vacations a year! It definitely strengthens our marriage and lets us get back in touch with each other without the kids.
-Kim, momma for two girls and one little guy

Ummm, word to the wise: start small… We just got back from a week-long trip without 4.5yo dd and I was pretty miserable. I mean the trip was nice and all, but it was way too long away from her. Everyone said she did fine but I’m worried if it felt too long for me, it def must have for her!! I also got really fed up with dh b/c I think we are just so not accustomed to so much togetherness.
–Hope, middle school counselor and mom

Start small. Do a long weekend away within driving distance. That way you know you can always get back home easily if needed, to ease your mind. Long weekend at a nice hotel with spa, or do it surrounding some type of interest you and your husband have and enjoy together (hiking, camping, sports event, theater tickets, etc.)
–Jennifer, boy mom x 2

Try a Carnival Cruise! Camp Carnival is free, and awesome. That way you can travel and see new places together, but also get plenty of alone time too when needed! They give you a special phone to reach you if needed. They also do late nights and also have an in-cabin babysitting option too if it’s after bedtime. We took my son on his first cruise when he was 26 months and he loooooved it. He’s 3.5 now and still talks about it!
–Melissa, mom of two people babies and two fur babies

I personally vote for going on a cruise. I highly recommend a kid-free vacation. I did one in February and I have 2 boys. My oldest was 4 and my youngest was almost 2. I had never left them for more than 1 night (not counting the 2 nights he was without me while I had the youngest) and it was for a 7-day cruise where I couldn’t be reached some days and I called the days we were at port. I was a nervous wreck before the trip because my oldest is really attached to me and I was worried for him and that he wouldn’t be able to calm down and I wouldn’t be able to “come home.” I wasn’t worried for my youngest even though he weaned just a couple weeks before the trip.

I notarized a medical form and made a booklet of important information, just in case. I also left a few little surprises that my mom could give if the kids were missing us really bad or just something to brighten their day. I finally relaxed and fully enjoyed my trip after a phone call on our second day and I talked to my oldest and he was happy and didn’t once whine that he missed me but said that he loved me. He was having fun with his grandparents. We got back and my oldest ran up to us but my youngest just kept on playing. I hope to do it again! Sorry to write a novel.
–Sarah, boy mom of two

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