Stop with the Percocet already

Percocet is the devil. After my C-section with baby #1, the nurses gave me Percocet. Then I vomited (and cried). A lot. So they gave me Zofran. Vomiting is super fun after your stomach’s been...

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The truth about newborns

Hello, new parents! This post is for you. However, if you are a new parent, I don’t expect you to have time to read this. Because you are a) exhausted b) feeding, changing, burping, rocking,...

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The freedom of a good vomit session

I implore you to keep reading. I promise this won’t get gross. And I’ll spare you a picture. It’s stomach-bug season. That’s sort-of like Passover (I’m no expert, I’m not Jewish), where the Angel of...

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