20 ways you might be a lowercase-m-MOM

1. You put your kid to bed in tomorrow’s school clothes, because: LESS LAUNDRY.


2. You figure out how to breastfeed and then discover it’s a bit of a chore, but do it anyway because they say it’s good for baby you’re cheap.

3. You only buy organic when it’s on sale at the walmart.

4. You celebrate your kid’s birthday by sending popsicles (and maybe party hats) to school.

5. You think monogramming means writing your kid’s name on his underwear with sharpie so he won’t lose it at the pool.

6. You don’t clean up the play room because it promotes creative play when little ones can explore all the toy options at once you’re lazy.

7. You think wearing makeup means smearing a little vaseline on your lips and pinching your cheeks to add a little color.

8. You forget to bring along tissues and tell the kiddos to “use your shirt sleeve – just this once.”

9. You wear the same t-shirt and jeans the entire weekend and then again the weekend after that, because: LESS LAUNDRY.

10. You look forward to the next box of hand-me-down clothes, because it teaches your own kids how to share you’re cheap.

11. You only bathe the kiddos once a week.

12. You think exercise is vacuuming up the cheerio explosion in the car.

13. You feed the kids three variations on cheese for dinner: mac ‘n cheese, grilled cheese, string cheese.

14. You think sponging down the little ones with a wet wipe after school totally counts as a bath.

15. You think lawn care involves killing off the grass to cultivate clover and dandelions because natural ground covers require less water and attract pollinators you’re lazy.

16. You sometimes just want to read a book and tune out everyone else.

17. You think sleeping around means you can take a nap on the couch or the floor or on top of the kitchen table.

18. You avoid wearing a bra whenever possible, because: LESS LAUNDRY.

19. You skip Pinterest when it’s time to deck the halls and reuse last year’s store-bought decorations because you heart recycling you’re cheap.

20. You think perfection means overflowing LOVE, with an uppercase L, not the quality of your Instagram photo collage.

Ladies, you are my tribe.

Here’s to all the lowercase-m-MOMS! Let’s unite and brace ourselves against the trappings of the must-be-perfect mom world. Because all our little ones really need is for us to LOVE them like there’s no tomorrow.

Now, go group-hug your kiddos. (Or maybe not if their little hands are covered in peanut butter. Because: LESS LAUNDRY.)

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Photo credit: Bruno Nascimento from Unsplash.com

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I resemble that!
–Carrie, mom of two teen boys

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