Nap time died its horrible death

Any of you mommas crying big alligator tears right now because little cuteness just gave up nap time? It’s definitely a game changer. I mean, what happened to our mid-day break? Now instead of sitting...

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8pm is “just say no” time

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions. I also didn’t grow up giving up stuff for Lent (because in the 80s, Baptists didn’t know what it was.) To compensate, I randomly set rules for myself....

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Then we confiscated the lamp

We’re potty training little brother right now. Which entails saying things like, “You’re a big boy now!” This is met with wails of protest from the bigger boy in the house. Who likes to remind...

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Car tripping with toddlers

I’m getting ready to stab out both my eyes. From the thought of spending ad infinitum hours in the car with two small children. Yes, I want to go to the beach. No, I don’t...

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Working mother hacks

So you had a fabulous maternity leave. Because you followed my advice and created a maternity leave manifesto. Well, sleep deprivation may just win the battle when you return to work. All those amazing naps...

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It’s 6pm: nite-nite, baby

How do I remember those first couple months as a new mom? “Fondly” may not be the first word that comes to mind. New baby snuggles: a-mazing. Lack of sleep: awe-inspiring. (As you can see...

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