Pregnant? You need a health advocate

The nurse leaned in with plenty of disdain and said, “You seem VERY suspicious of the medical establishment.” Yes, perhaps because you keep coming into my room and asking if this second child I’m birthing...

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Nursing is addictive (and lovely)

I don’t know about you, but some of my best friends are addicts. And when I was nursing my babes, I noticed a few, unsettling similarities between me, the innocent, devoted, nursing mother, and my...

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Let me see your power pose, girl

Here’s your recipe for success in the hetero, white man’s world. Change your name to “John” (if you wanna be CEO) and CONFORM. Oh, and wear makeup. (Something I haven’t done in 10 years.) Because...

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Marriage sucks after kids?

Research shows marriages suffer after having kids. Awesome! Actually I didn’t need “research” to tell me this. For every married person I know, I know one other divorced person. Growing up, I don’t remember seeing...

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Spreading cheer in the NICU

I’m Jaclyn. And I’m a HELLP syndrome survivor. Never heard of HELLP syndrome? Neither had I. Until I was diagnosed with it in an emergency room in Fort Myers, FL. While on vacation. (There’s probably...

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The Penis Chronicles

Let’s talk about the P word. No, not the one in the news lately. The one attached to my little boy. That’s right. Let’s talk about the penis. First, let me say that I always...

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Stop with the Percocet already

Percocet is the devil. After my C-section with baby #1, the nurses gave me Percocet. Then I vomited (and cried). A lot. So they gave me Zofran. Vomiting is super fun after your stomach’s been...

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